When School Is Hard

We feel so proud and beam with pride when our kids are doing well at school, we brag to our friends and family how well our baby is doing at school, but not all kids thrive straight away and it can make you feel like a crap parent.

My son is stupid smart! His principle told me last year he was lazy-the children sat down for a 2 hour exam and he finished early and went to leave, she asked him if he wanted to check his work-he said no. He bloody got 99% -without even trying! He is stupid smart and doesn’t even have to try. Yes I’m incredibly proud but I don’t think it has anything to with me- he’s just lucky.

I’ll never forget my first parent teacher meeting for my daughter, I breezed in expecting to hear how amazing she was (which was my previous experience with my son). The teacher looked at me and stuttered through our meeting, she doesn’t know what to do or why my daughter isn’t picking things up like the other kids.


I was so upset, didn’t know what to do and felt like a failure as a parent- I didn’t do anything different than I did with my son so I was very confused.

This is where a good school shows it’s weight in gold, and I was so lucky this was a dam good school!

We struggled through year 2 and I decided since her birthday was in March to keep her in year 2 for another year to hopefully catch up. This is when the school made it their mission to help my baby.  We applied for a literacy specialist and put her in groups and programs to build her confidence. I had meetings every few months to discuss her progress.  As her confidence grew so to did her progress. She was a painfully shy child who was not good socially and gosh that has changed now!

It was discovered she’s abit dyslexic and she needed glasses, that combined with working with the specialist I’m proud to say she’s ‘at standard’!!! Check out her writing👇 she started on the right hand side and wrote backwards and mirrored! I think it’s kind of genius


Every little victory has been that bit more special because she has overcome so much. I brag that my daughter is at standard and am so proud-but I would of been proud anyway because she kept improving, sometimes being in the top group isn’t as special as a kid who has overcome learning difficulties to just be average.

We were lucky, she could of easily been left behind, or be labeled a dumb kid. As a parent I was so worried and stressed, and I encourage you to talk to your school if your child’s struggling and work together if you can so they don’t fall through the radar. If our journey can help you in anyway reach out xIMG_20161221_094030_084


New Term/New You?

Schools Back!!

We are at the start of another school term after 2 glorious weeks of lie-ins (older kids perk) and slow starts and routine has gone all out the window-at my house at least.  Every time a new school term starts it feels kind of like New Years for parents- I set myself allsorts of new goals and promise myself I’m going to be more organised, get more shit done and make sure the kids do there homework before the last minute.

It might just be me who feels this way, but the new term feels like a fresh start, like New Years Eve but without the headache.

Much like New Years i start the term full of positivity and productivity before life gets in the way and its back to business as usual, all new goals and promises forgotten. So how do some people stick to their goals when the majority of us fall off the wagon so quickly? I wish I new the answer because I’m definitely one of those people who very rarely can finish what unstated.  Obviously the difference is they keep doing it, maybe some people are naturally more motivated than the rest of us.

The most effective way to do it, is to do it.

Amelia Earhart

So as both Amelia and Nike put it ‘Just do it’.  I have printed that quote out and put it on my wall to remind me to keep getting off my ass! This term I’m going to stick to my New Term Resolutions.  Here are my 5…


* Eat less and better

*Do one thing just for me each week

*make my kids do there homework before the night before its due

*Stay up-to-date with my study 😬

What are your resolutions for term 3? Hopefully some of them are just for you!



One of Each

One of Each, a girl and a boy, how perfect….

Well it’s is actually pretty great, you do get the best of both worlds-but it’s also like having two only children.

No hand me downs, no common interests, but just as many fights. And I can’t parent them the same way because what works for one most definitely doesn’t work for the other (although this could be common for anyone with more than one)

Mine are 3 and a half years apart, which has been pretty great. Now they are getting older  (8 and 11) they are pretty independent and the majority of the time my life is a shit load easier than a couple years ago!

But we can’t go and see a family movie together or do almost any activity without one or both bitching! She still loves cartoons and everything girly and he likes killing shit on his Playstation and that movie hasn’t come out yet.

I sometimes daydream of having two of the same sex, they would be friends and play together-but I’m guessing my reality would probably be pretty much the same? I sure as hell didn’t play with my sister’s or even like them until they were grown.