My Weekend with High Rollers

What do the rich and successful have in common? Quite alot actually!

I was lucky enough to spend an amazing weekend away with friends at there Kawau weekend house, and after an amazing day on the boat, where I saw dolphins for the first time!! We started chatting about life and success and they shared with me how they got to where they are today, and what they deem the keys to their success.

When a millionaire tells you how to get your shit together you listen! And I’m going to share with you my key takeaways.

1. Make your bed every morning.

Easy right! But they all do it -something about a tidy-life tidy-mind. They all said when they’ve had a bad day you can guarantee when they got home the bed wasn’t made!

2. Write a LONG list of goals, and read them every morning.

One of them still had their original x3 pages from when they first began their journey! This one’s actually a little harder than it sounds. It’s not very often that we actually ask ourselves what we really want, especially at a x3 page level!! But this ones also fun, you get to really allow your self to dream. The goals should also be a bit scary and take you out of your comfort zone.

To take your goals a step-further, grab your current main goal and make a mind-map. Your goal in the middle of the page with all the little steps and things you need to do coming off it.

3. Write a to-do list every morning.

I couldn’t believe they did this every morning! They also said you have to word each item beginning with I will…. For example Today I will eat healthy and nourishing food, Today I will do the washing… You get it.

4. Add an Elephant every day.

What’s your elephant in the room? An elephant is something you need to do daily towards you goal, and you just grab one from your mind map! You need to do daily, consistent actions towards you’ll goals and before you know it you’ll be ticking them off. You need to add your elephant to your daily to-do list.

5. Treat Yo Self

Maybe one of my favs! This doesn’t mean spending money you don’t have, this just means allowing yourself to have the things you want. If your too cheap with yourself and always buying the budget version unstead of what you truley desire the universe will decide your cheap and don’t deserve the best. You get back what you put out! So make sure your telling the universe you deserve the best in life.

6. You are who you hang out with.

This is their last piece of advice, and I’m taking it as a compliment!

You better believe I’ve been making my bed! And I’ve started working on my goals and daily to-do lists. Doing the mind map makes my goals seem so much easier to manage and it’s easy to add an Elephant to my day.

Here’s to success guys!! It’s ours for the taking. I truley believe we can live the life we dream off – and my weekend away showed me alot of people actually do and that they’re more than happy to cheer me on and help me on my journey by sharing their keys to success.


New Year Bucket List

I don’t set New Years resolutions anymore, I just cant stick to something for a whole year -maybe thats why only 8% of people actually stick to them!

The new year, as cliche as it may sound IS such a great time to reflect and prioritise what you want from your life!! I’m so excited to begin 2018!!

Instead this year I am making a years Bucket List.  Smaller goals that i can tick off (love the ticking off part!!) throughout the year, but can also be up-dated/changed because priorities can change!! I have a work column, to do and to have column.

I have alot of work goals!! I want to up my freelance work as a VA and grow my business, so this column will be pretty full for me!! This year I’m determined to rock it!!!

The to do column is more fun-adventures I want to have and other things I want to do! Yes it will include the boring old ‘get healthy’ but also finally learning to play my ukulele and a family trip to Rotorua.

As for the to have.. disclaimer I Love Stuff!!! So I have to add it to my bucket list so I can make shit happen!!! New couch here I come.

I always say lets make this the best year so far! That way each year can keep getting better and better. 

2018 is my year!!! And it can be your year too xx

When School Is Hard

We feel so proud and beam with pride when our kids are doing well at school, we brag to our friends and family how well our baby is doing at school, but not all kids thrive straight away and it can make you feel like a crap parent.

My son is stupid smart! His principle told me last year he was lazy-the children sat down for a 2 hour exam and he finished early and went to leave, she asked him if he wanted to check his work-he said no. He bloody got 99% -without even trying! He is stupid smart and doesn’t even have to try. Yes I’m incredibly proud but I don’t think it has anything to with me- he’s just lucky.

I’ll never forget my first parent teacher meeting for my daughter, I breezed in expecting to hear how amazing she was (which was my previous experience with my son). The teacher looked at me and stuttered through our meeting, she doesn’t know what to do or why my daughter isn’t picking things up like the other kids.


I was so upset, didn’t know what to do and felt like a failure as a parent- I didn’t do anything different than I did with my son so I was very confused.

This is where a good school shows it’s weight in gold, and I was so lucky this was a dam good school!

We struggled through year 2 and I decided since her birthday was in March to keep her in year 2 for another year to hopefully catch up. This is when the school made it their mission to help my baby.  We applied for a literacy specialist and put her in groups and programs to build her confidence. I had meetings every few months to discuss her progress.  As her confidence grew so to did her progress. She was a painfully shy child who was not good socially and gosh that has changed now!

It was discovered she’s abit dyslexic and she needed glasses, that combined with working with the specialist I’m proud to say she’s ‘at standard’!!! Check out her writing👇 she started on the right hand side and wrote backwards and mirrored! I think it’s kind of genius


Every little victory has been that bit more special because she has overcome so much. I brag that my daughter is at standard and am so proud-but I would of been proud anyway because she kept improving, sometimes being in the top group isn’t as special as a kid who has overcome learning difficulties to just be average.

We were lucky, she could of easily been left behind, or be labeled a dumb kid. As a parent I was so worried and stressed, and I encourage you to talk to your school if your child’s struggling and work together if you can so they don’t fall through the radar. If our journey can help you in anyway reach out xIMG_20161221_094030_084

Learning to ‘Do You’

Not just a Mum

I had my first baby when I was 21, an age where I was just beginning to discover who I was. From the moment my precious boy was born I fully emersed myself in the role of Motherhood, he was followed by my daughter 3.5 years later and my Motherhood journey continued.

Now my kids are older (8 and 11) and are at an amazing age where they are a lot more independent and have mini-lives of there own and I’m left to ponder “who am I, other than a mother and wife”.

The answer is I don’t know. I have lost myself along the way, so it’s become my mission to find ‘me’ again.

It’s harder than it sounds, I don’t even know what I like to do apart from things with the kids and my responsibilities, and I have no idea how to put myself first.

So this is my new mission in life.  I am going to do me, focus on me and find my passions.  I’m going to learn to spend money on myself, instead of just my kids and husband-I’m going to give myself permission to spoil myself.

And I’m going to try new things, and try and discover my passions. I’ve signed up for a watercolour art class and pottery class -even this was hard (I’m not shy, but I am quite an introvert)

Sometimes Mums need permission to put themselves first, because once the kids are grown your left with yourself! I want to be someone I would want to hang out with.  I want to get my hair and nails done and have adventures. I want my days to be full and not just busy.

I’m going to aim to try one new thing a week-even if it’s something small and I would love you to hold me accountable. I’ll share with you a monthly round up of my journey and hopefully inspire you to ‘do you’ to.

Casey x